Triple Cinema Penthouse / Penthouse


Double beds / Bathtub or shower / All beds are fitted with duvets / Separate toilets facilities in most rooms / Telephone / Cable TV / Wireless internet connection / Room with a balcony


Regular Price : 1,500,000 KRW
Weekdays : 385,000 KRW(Tax Included/2Person)
Weekend : 495,000 KRW(Tax Included/2Person)
T : +82 2 507 0505

** Shooting Inquiry:


Stepping into the darkened and deep corridor hardly predicting the end; the moment to face you, the end of the corridor is revealed. Upon entering the room drawing the curtains the stars is poured into it. White-out; without adapting your eyes, the room in strange patterns and the slanted ceiling make it difficult to recognize the end of the room. The internal stairs for going up is full of sunshine below the skylight. It leads to the darkened and deep corridor passing through the wall. Experiencing the stark difference between the light and the darkness, you reach the slanted lofty room. Seeing the ‘outside’ through the window makes you realize you are in a quite high place. Drawing the curtains on the stair wall reveals the cage in the black hole. Stepping in makes you feel like standing in the air of ‘the black and deep corridor’. Looking down the passage is like seeing the black stream. In the room again; the sounds from the detached room come in through the narrow passage. Standing on the low balcony led by the sounds mixed with the light makes you come in on the landscape. Thus, all the things including the anxiety meet in the room like a tower. Surprisingly, they become one.