Illusion Suite / Suite


Double beds / Bathtub or shower / All beds are fitted with duvets / Separate toilets facilities in most rooms / Telephone / Cable TV / Wireless internet connection / Room with a balcony


Regular Price : 450,000 KRW
Weekdays : 190,000 KRW(Tax Included/2Person)
Weekend : 242,000 KRW(Tax Included/2Person)
T : +82 2 507 0505

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The bed is placed in the center of the long-shaped room. The pillar between the room and the balcony extends to the boundary of the inside and the outside. The pillar and the beam become the ceiling and the closet of the bathroom. The material for the interior space is originally one but it changes to each element by digging, taking out and expanding in the space. The tiles used in the bathroom and the bedroom blur the line between the two rooms and it may confuse you where the bed should be. At the moment you recognize that the bed which seems to be in the center of the room is actually on the edge of the wall, kind of relieved feelings may pervade you.