Dome Suite / Suite


Double beds / Bathtub or shower / All beds are fitted with duvets / Separate toilets facilities in most rooms / Telephone / Cable TV / Wireless internet connection / Room with a balcony


Regular Price : 450,000 KRW
Weekdays : 190,000 KRW(Tax Included/2Person)
Weekend : 242,000 KRW(Tax Included/2Person)
T : +82 2 507 0505

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Old bricks on the outer wall come in several small holes and they constitute a place like a belly of a building. The clay brick baked by sunshine captures the warmth of the beginning and lies there inthe various forms. A shallow podium, a deep well, low fences; it may be the podium for bed, the bathtub for water and the chair for sitting on. And also, the bricks build the arch of the ceiling and become a column for the structure. Afterwards, the moment many small holes take the light in and soak the shallow light up, it may give someone the warmth which is awakened and forgotten before.