Cube Suite / Suite


Double beds / Bathtub or shower / All beds are fitted with duvets / Separate toilets facilities in most rooms / Telephone / Cable TV / Wireless internet connection / Room with a balcony


Regular Price : 450,000 KRW
Weekdays : 190,000 KRW(Tax Included/2Person)
Weekend : 242,000 KRW(Tax Included/2Person)
T : +82 2 507 0505

** Shooting Inquiry:


When you enter the room, during the short time the eyes are adjusted to the darkness, the other senses try to stay alert. As being expected, it may be covered with the phantasm. The borders between the wall and the floor become vague by the intense light poured like a cannon and ‘The boundary line’ drawn by the stone and the wallpaper makes a new indefinite edge. Another light is shining beyond the wall by penetrating it. When the wall is open, the darkness greets the light again in an unexpected manner. The body on the flat surface just stare vacantly this condition but, finally, on the help of the curiosity, you can go into the space. A bed and a bathtub lie on the floor.