Ballroom Suite / Suite


Double beds / Bathtub or shower / All beds are fitted with duvets / Separate toilets facilities in most rooms / Telephone / Cable TV / Wireless internet connection / Room with a balcony


Regular Price : 450,000 KRW
Weekdays : 190,000 KRW(Tax Included/2Person)
Weekend : 242,000 KRW(Tax Included/2Person)
T : +82 2 507 0505

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Even after opening the door, you may feel as if you are still in the corridor. The extended wallpaper disappears far away and a shadow of the trees is only left. At the moment you realize it is the illusion of the manipulated landscape, the reversed materials cause another illusion. There is unfamiliar encounter of the materials on the back and forth of the huge marble by reversing the use of the materials: wooden boards for the external space floor the room and the material for the internal space is used for the balcony.