Great elaboration is embedded in places.

Just staying there, it gives you extravagant feelings
deeply intoxicated with your existence.

The eyes reach the materials in the space
and the materials become the place for the eyes.

The circumstances seem to be set to appear
in this space and the materials and senses are
considerately treated.

This makes the ordinary things look new.

It is being there as it has been long before.

Nothing is changed but sometimes the surroundings make it look different. It is difficult to guess what the eaves over the grape myrtle look like. It makes the surrounding gardens and the void look special. Grazing along small trees and tender greenery reaches the building. Gently reflected light comes like the wind. The bricks become the wall and make the entrance,and deep and long curtains replace the front door just like embracing you. When you open this, it leads you to a different space. You can see it at a glance but it is difficult to know what it is as it is shown. Passing the counter formed like greeting someone, you will surely look back. It’s saying ‘Welcome you’.
Soft carpet, solid marble, anechoic wallpaper; these materials which have come across reaching here seem to be changed to the different appearance in the memories. A curving corridor extends over the sense continuously; Deja vu and a little dizziness.
It is natural but everybody can reach the door without failure. Finally, the door is open. Every room greets gladly all the conditions coming in. The room has been set and it is filled with every functional element for being a room. The materials meet and part as a familiar but a new waywithout forgetting their nature. The rodded joint which is made precisely on the hard surface looks like a firm handshake between the materials. It is a warm hug.


Wood and stone which are familiar with and old as much as human history constitute the majority of the rooms.

Here, these two can be the backdrop of each other and also the protagonist themselves. This warm and soft wood, at first, can be useful small table around a cozy bed or the comfortable backrest or the straight foot stool to put your feet on. But then, without realizing, it may wrap the body gently as the guidance of the wall towards the bathroom and it may be with the bedroom as a thin windowsill of the balcony which is full of wind and sunshine.

On the other hand, the massive surface of the stone in hard and colorful patterns is laid down on the floor.

it becomes low stairs whenever sitting or leaning on just like a couch, and last, it can be the wall of a shower room, a tub for warm water or a small round bowl. The stone carved wall beaten obliquely with a hand hammer is for taking out the heaviness of the material and making it look more natural and comfortable. There are few things in common between wood and stone regardless of difference in density, gravity, volume and weight. But, the expectation that two different tunes in one place may reveal something different besides the original properties of themselves comes to fruition at this moment.It is now the moment to find something and feel it just by experiencing it. It will make the places more special.
We hope this place will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, being freed from everyday life.