“Just staying there, it gives you extravagant feelings deeply intoxicated with your existence. The eyes reach the materials in the space and the materials become the place for the eyes. The circumstances seem to be set to appear in this space and the materials and senses are considerately treated. This makes the ordinary things look new.”  – 1990uao

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  • Triple Cinema Pent House
    Triple Cinema Pent House

    Experiencing the stark differencebetween the light and the darkness, you reach the slanted lofty room

  • Spa & Pool Pent House
    Spa & Pool Pent House

    There is a swimming pool evaporating sunlight which comes from the large window by breaking it into small pieces

  • Down Suite
    Down Suite

    Wood and stone constitute the majority of the rooms.

  • Cube Suite
    Cube Suite

    The borders between the wall and the floor become vague by the intense light poured like a cannon and 'The boundary line' drawn by the stone and the wallpaper makes a new indefinite edge.

  • Illusion Suite
    Illusion Suite

    The material for the interior space is originally one but it changes to each element by digging, taking out and expanding in the space.

  • Dome Suite
    Dome Suite

    Old bricks on the outer wall come in several small holes and they constitute a place like a belly of a building.

  • Mirror Suite
    Mirror Suite

    When the wall is open, the opposite wall seems to deeply walk in. It may not just a mirror but black and white light to make the room look bigger.

  • Forest Suite
    Forest Suite

    The copied mural on the wall makes a familiar landscape strange and it leads the slanted wall in the light to draw attention with the inversion of the inside and outside of the landscape.

  • Ballroom Suite
    Ballroom Suite

    There is unfamiliar encounter of the materials on the back and forth of the huge marble by reversing the use of the materials

  • Geneva Suite
    Geneva Suite

    While the tiles are set on the floor and the brick walls extend to the balcony, the white surface divides the brick wall making the ceiling and the wall.

  • Pine Deluxe - Twin
    Pine Deluxe - Twin

    The eyes glance off the wall on the beveled edge and disappear into the corner of the other room. The wood on the wall and on the floor leads to the long-shaped room.

  • White Deluxe
    White Deluxe

    The pillar and the wall of the brass when we surely meet opening the door; they seem to deliver the light in the room like pumping crystal clear water of a well.